Standard UK Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

It’s easy to look past the importance of a mattress. A quality bed is essential, but mattresses ensure we’re dealt the best night’s sleep possible. The quality of a mattress and the material it’s made from are of course important, but its vital you get the size right. After all, no one wants to have to send back a mattress because it is too big or small for their bed. Thankfully, there are standard UK mattress sizes you can rely on, [...]


Summer colour scheme ideas for your bedroom

Once the summer hits, lots of homeowners head to their nearest DIY shop in order to pep up the house and make the most of the warmer weather.When it comes to your bedroom, picking the right colour scheme for the summer, isn’t particularly easy. As is always the case with bedroom decor, there’s a fine line between getting it right and creating a colour scheme that makes you feel cold (even in the summer heat!) or which appears to ramp [...]


5 tips for picking the perfect bed for you and your partner

Our beds are possibly the most important piece of furniture we own. And if that sounds like a bit of a daft statement, consider how much time we spend in them.By the time you reach the age of 31, it’s estimated that you’ll have spent around 12 years sleeping. That’s an awfully long time lying horizontally, but we do it because our bodies need to recharge. You’ll know all too well that if you get a bad night’s sleep, the [...]


Summer bedroom decor tips to brighten up your mornings (and evenings)

When the warmer weather hits, your whole house or apartment starts to feel very different indeed.Coming from a time when all you wanted was colour, shades and decor to draw you in and provide a comfy night in, you suddenly enter a beautifully vibrant, warm period where you’ll feel like bringing the outdoors, indoors. Because we spend so much time in our bedrooms, it seems sensible to focus some of your summer decor work on the room in which you [...]

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