5 tips for picking the perfect bed for you and your partner

5 tips for picking the perfect bed for you and your partner

Our beds are possibly the most important piece of furniture we own. And if that sounds like a bit of a daft statement, consider how much time we spend in them.


By the time you reach the age of 31, it’s estimated that you’ll have spent around 12 years sleeping.

That’s an awfully long time lying horizontally, but we do it because our bodies need to recharge. You’ll know all too well that if you get a bad night’s sleep, the effect it has on the next day can be catastrophic. Your mood will dip and you might become far less productive at work.

That’s why choosing the right bed for you and your partner is vital in maintaining a healthy body, mind and approach to life.

So, before you shop for your next bed, take these five tips into account:

1. Choose it together

Beyond your sofa and dining room table, this is the main piece of furniture you share intimately, therefore you’ll need to find a bed that’s exactly right for both of you.

If just one member of a couple is left to chose a bed, chances are they’ll opt for something that suits them, leaving the other person potentially with a very uncomfortable night’s sleep indeed.

2. Think about your room size

Sure, you might want that queen size bed – and, technically, it’ll fit – but what space does it leave you with in your bedroom?

Few of us are blessed with massive bedrooms, and even if yours is on the larger size, picking a huge bed will quickly eat up the available space and make the room feel much smaller than it is.

Be realistic and pick a bed that provides reasonable space around it to get in and out and move about the room.

3. Think about storage

If you’re on a mission to declutter your house, a bed might just help you.

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Pick a bed with internal storage, and you’ll gain a massive amount of space in which you can store clothes, books and anything else that doesn’t need to be on show.

Think of it as a very comfortable storage unit, laid on it’s side, and you’ll get an idea of how useful a storage bed could be.

4. Go for one that is good for your back

If you suffer from back pain or anything else that relates to specific muscles, it’s worth talking to your doctor to find out what kind of bed and mattress would best suit.

Thankfully, there are lots of beds on the market that support people with bad backs and those who need specific support, which means you’ll finally start to get the best nights’ sleep possible if you pick the right one.

5. Think about looks – not just comfort

Comfort should definitely be your first concern when picking the right bed, but you’ll want it to look good, too.

If you’re keen on a statement bed that becomes the focal point of the room, go for it, but if you simply want something that melds perfectly into the room decor, make sure you pick a bed that features a design and colour that delivers just that.

But what if you sleep on your own? If you’re shopping just for yourself, don’t immediately head for the single bed section. If you have space to fit a double, go for it, because you’ll certainly be glad of the extra space you’ll have to stretch out each night!

Enjoy finding the right bed, but make sure you take your time. This is one house purchase you don’t want to get wrong.

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