Summer colour scheme ideas for your bedroom

Summer colour scheme ideas for your bedroom

Once the summer hits, lots of homeowners head to their nearest DIY shop in order to pep up the house and make the most of the warmer weather.


When it comes to your bedroom, picking the right colour scheme for the summer, isn’t particularly easy.

As is always the case with bedroom decor, there’s a fine line between getting it right and creating a colour scheme that makes you feel cold (even in the summer heat!) or which appears to ramp up the temperature.

Here’s our ultimate guide to summer colour schemes for your bedroom!

Go pink


Thankfully, there’s many shades of pink that work wonders in bedrooms, therefore whether or not you’re a big fan of this particular colour, there’ll be a shade that will really make the most of the summer heat outside.

Look for bubblegum pink if you fancy creating a feature wall, or something a little lighter if you’re feeling brave and fancy decking the whole room in this Barbie-inspired colour.

Try white coastal


Few things scream “summer!” louder than images of the coast. But what do you do if you don’t live anywhere near the seaside?

The answer’s simple; you can cover your bedroom in white coastal shades to make yourself feel as though you’re drifting off peacefully at sea.

Look for whites (obviously), but also sea blues, coral and anything else that makes you think of the coast when picking your colours for this maritime-inspired decor idea.

Combine sky blue and orange


Ok, we get it – this particular combination of colours won’t have been on your hit list, but sometimes, it pays to think outside the box.

Combining pale blue walls with an orange feature wall is a brilliant idea do get a proper, summery feeling in your bedroom.

This – just like the whites and corals – nods to a coastal style and yet somehow feels very modern at the same time. Try it – you’ll be surprised by how well this unlikely marriage of colour works.

Simple red and white

You’re always told to avoid using red in your bedroom, but if you pick the right shade (i.e. not too heavy), it’s a great way to bring the summer into one of your most used rooms.

What’s more, if you combine red with white, you’ll offset that darker colour with something more coastal and gentle, that will help you wake from a slumber in the most inspiring way.

Lime green (for the adventurous)

This won’t be to everyone’s taste, but with limes playing such a pivotal role in summer eating and drinking, adding a splash of this citrus colour to your bedroom will really bring it alive during the warmer months.

Just make sure you try a tester pot first – it really is an acquired taste.

Go aqua with blues and greens

You’ll notice there’s a bit of a running theme with water above, but if you really want to go aqua in your bedroom, it’s worth trying a combination of blues and greens on your walls.

Again, stick with lighter shades, but combine them on alternate walls and you’ll end up with a beautifully simple bedroom for the summer.

That’s it!

Have we got you feeling summery? These summer-inspired colour schemes for bedrooms will really help you make the most of one of the most joyful times of the year.

Have a bit of fun and get as creative as possible. You can even mix and match the colour ideas above if you’re feeling adventurous!

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