Standard UK Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

Standard UK Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

It’s easy to look past the importance of a mattress. A quality bed is essential, but mattresses ensure we’re dealt the best night’s sleep possible.

The quality of a mattress and the material it’s made from are of course important, but its vital you get the size right. After all, no one wants to have to send back a mattress because it is too big or small for their bed.

Thankfully, there are standard UK mattress sizes you can rely on, and this is our must-have guide to mattress sizes – don’t start shopping without it by your side!

What size is a Small Single mattress in CM?

Answer: The size of a small single mattress is 75 x 190 cm
Standard small beds are actually the same length as standard mattresses but six inches narrower, which is why you need to be careful when purchasing.

Small single mattresses are perfect when trying to save space or for when children finally make the leap from their cot to a bed. Get the size right, and you’ll have no problem ensuring a sound night’s sleep.

What size is a Small Single mattress in inches?

small- single-mattress-size-inches
Answer: The size of a small single mattress is 29.5″ x 75″ / 2’6″ x 6’3″
Need to save space? Have a child that is ready to move into a ‘big bed’?

This small single mattress size will be the perfect fit and ensure the occupant sleeps soundly.

What size is a Standard Single mattress in CM?

Answer: the size of a standard single mattress is 91 x 190 cm
Single beds are the most common bed sizes for kids and bunk beds, which makes them one of the most popular purchases in the UK.

Just make sure you get the single mattress size right when matching to the bed in question, because it’s easier than you think to buy the wrong sized mattress!

What size is a Standard Single mattress in inches?


Answer: 36″ x 75″ / 3′ x 6’3″
If your house has a single bed or bunk bed for the kids, the standard single mattress size in inches needs to be on your shopping list – get it wrong, and you’ll probably end up with a mattress that isn’t wide enough.

What size is a Small Double mattress in CM?


Answer: the size of a small double mattress is 120 x 190 cm
Most homes have a double bed of some description, but do you know what size yours is?

Small double beds are perfect for people who want to save space but still offer sleeping space for two people, and this is the mattress size you require if that’s the bed you have.

What size is a Small Double mattress in inches?


Answer: the size of a small double mattress is 48″ x 75″ / 4” x 6’3″
Small double beds are four feet wide, and require this size mattress if it’s to fit perfectly without overlaps or gaps.

Mattresses for small double beds are six inches narrower than what you find on a standard double bed. The popularity of beds of this kind has risen dramatically in recent years, due to their suitability for spare rooms or teenagers who want more space in which to sleep.

What size is a Standard Double mattress in CM?


Answer: the size of a standard double mattress is 137 x 190 cm
It’ll come as no surprise to learn that the standard double bed size is the most common in the UK and a great choice for nearly any type of room or family situation.

Picking the right mattress, however, is still important due to there being several other sizes of double bed available. This is the size you want when looking at UK mattress sizes for standard double beds.

What size is a Standard Double mattress in inches?


Answer: 54″ x 75″ / 4’6″ x 6’3
If you have a double bed and know that it’s a standard size, this is the size mattress you need in inches – don’t go above or below!

Due to standard double beds being the most popular available, you should find plenty of options when it comes to mattress choices.

What size is a King mattress in CM?


Answer: the size of a king size mattress is 152 x 198 cm
If you’ve got room for a king sized bed, you’ll be guaranteed a comfortable night, but it’s important you pay attention to UK mattress sizes when choosing a mattress.

If centimetres is your preferred unit of measurement, this is the size you need.

What size is a King mattress in inches?


Answer: 60″ x 78″ / 5′ x 6’6″
Although the physical size of a king size bed isn’t that much different over a standard, the difference is significant when it comes to the additional space you gain once in the bed (and, let’s be honest – that’s what matters!).

When looking for a king sized mattress – these are the dimensions you’ll need to keep in mind. Just remember that the length increases by 3 inches over a standard king size bed.

What size is a Queen mattress in CM?


Answer: the size of queen mattress is 180 x 200 cm
Those lucky enough to be able to fit a queen sized bed in their bedroom will gain a huge amount of space over that offered by a standard double.

When choosing the mattress for your queen sized bed, these dimensions will ensure it fits nice and snuggle, without any problems at all.

What size is a Queen mattress in inches?


Answer: 71″ x 78″ / 6′ x 6’6″
The term ‘queen size’ when referring to beds actually came from America, and it’s the guys across the pond who define the size of these massive beds.

A queen size bed is a whopping 60 inches wide and 80 inches long when it comes to mattresses, so you’ll need a brilliant online delivery company to ensure it gets to you safely. And, just to confuse us all, queen beds are sometimes referred to as ‘king beds’ in this country – so check your dimensions carefully!

Happy shopping!

Picking the right sized mattress for your bed is easy with our guide above.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to get the right sized mattress. This isn’t the sort of purchase you’d want to send back or live with if it’s not quite right.

Use our guide to find the exact size mattress you need for your bed, whether it’s a small single, standard double, king size or beyond!

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